About Desert Oasis Clinic

Desert Oasis Clinic is a unique healthcare facility where conventional medicine is combined with alternative and natural therapies to help our clients achieve optimum health and vitality. Our founder and medical director, John A. Thompson, D.O., is a traditionally trained physician who also has extensive knowledge and experience with integrative approaches to healing and a strong belief in the importance of preventative healthcare.

Desert Oasis Clinic is the right place for you, if:

  • You want to address current health problems from a more natural, holistic approach.
  • You need personalized guidance from an experienced physician on diet and lifestyle practices that promote vibrant health.
  • You are genuinely concerned with finding the underlying causes of your symptoms rather than just covering them up.
  • You want to identify risk factors, detect early warning signs of disease and take preventive steps.
  • You desire to stay vibrant, attractive, productive, and healthy as you mature.
  • You want an open-minded physician-partner who can assist you in making wise healthcare decisions.

Please browse our website to find out more about how Desert Oasis Clinic can help you maintain your health using the latest natural and holistic treatments. Or give us a call right now at 702-310-9350 to speak to our friendly staff and schedule an appointment.