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How to Clear Up Brain Fog

For many, brain fog is hard to describe. While it is not a medical condition, it can indicate that something is amiss with us physically and/or emotionally. Normally, brain fog is characterized as a general feeling of confusion, forgetfulness, or inability to focus. Some report feeling mentally sluggish and having an overall sense there is… Read More »

Aged to Perfection: Men and Aging

What is Aging?  As we learned in the post Over the Hill and Over the Moon: Women & Aging , aging is the process of getting older. When it comes to the human life span, there are three types of aging: psychological, social, and biological. Our psychological age refers to how we feel, act, or… Read More »

Vein Glory: What is Poor Circulation?

As a partner to the cardiovascular system, the body’s circulatory system works to help the body fight off illness, maintain body temperature, and monitor the body’s chemical balance so all its systems remain stable and healthy. The circulatory system is designed to send blood, oxygen, and nutrients throughout the body. When there is a reduction… Read More »

Over the Hill and Over the Moon: Women & Aging

Often facing double standards steeped in ageism and sexism, many women over 50 find themselves having to redefine themselves as they get older. The Spinster is now The Sassy Single. The Depressed Divorcee… now The Dignified Diva. The Married and Mundane… now Mature, Marvelous, and a Mrs. Yet, no matter what great title we give… Read More »

The Goods on Good Sleep Hygiene

Most of us have the occasional night of inconsistent sleep. There are times we may toss and turn because of stress or because of something we ate. The occasional bout of insomnia is normal and nothing to worry about, yet, when we go a few days without good sleep, we may find it impacting other… Read More »

What Does Natural and Holistic Medicine Mean Anyway?

At Desert Oasis Clinic we pride ourselves on combining conventional medical practices with alternative and natural therapies to help patients achieve optimum health. If you’ve looked at our website, you undoubtedly saw the terms natural and holistic more times than you can count. What do the words “natural” and “holistic” mean, exactly? Usually, when healthcare… Read More »

What is Getting on Your Nerves?

One of the body’s systems that we give little thought to is the nervous system… that is until something goes wrong. Our nervous system is involved in everything we do! Whether it’s regulating our breathing, controlling our muscles, or helping us sense heat or cold, the nervous system is a key player in our day-to-day… Read More »

What to Do for Itchy Winter Skin

With up to 50 million Americans seeking treatment annually, acne is one of the most common skin disorders impacting the lives of young adults and adults. However, it is not the only skin problem that seems to worsen or become harder to treat when the weather turns colder. Whether it is the dry, colder air… Read More »

How To Manage Winter Asthma

What is Asthma? Even if you don’t personally have asthma, you probably know someone who does. One in 13 Americans is diagnosed as having asthma. That’s approximately 25 million, with 20 million being adult sufferers.  Asthma is a condition characterized as when the airways to the lungs become narrow due to swelling and may produce… Read More »