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Fibromyalgia: Is it Real or Imagined?

“Doctor, I Hurt All Over!” Prior to the 19th-century fibromyalgia was considered a mental condition because it was based on patient reports and could not be detected by those looking on, namely medical doctors. Since that time, fibromyalgia has not only gone through a few name changes but as more has been learned about it,… Read More »

Healthy Activities to Do in Las Vegas this Fall

There aren’t many who haven’t heard the slogan, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!” Coined in 2003, this slogan was meant to encourage visitors to come to Las Vegas and “let loose” without fear of consequence or concern. Unfortunately, the saying has now become an excuse to overindulge in gambling, drinking, and whatever it… Read More »

Autumn Wellness Tips

It’s the time of year that many have been looking forward to since January. The air is crisp, the sun is bright but for shorter periods of time, menus again include things that begin with Pumpkin Spice, and “sweater weather” is here. It’s Autumn! While the focus may be on pumpkin patch schedules, hunting down… Read More »

Heating Up Your Health Through Far Infrared Therapy

Sweating for Survival When researching the tradition of the sauna, you may run across some information about their use in Europe as far back as 2000 BC. There is information that suggests the original use of the sauna was about survival. These specially designed areas provided heat, shelter – and because many used smoke –… Read More »