Osteopathic Manipulation (OMT)

What is OMT?

Desert Oasis Clinic’s lead physician, Dr. John Thompson, is a trained Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO). Like other DO’s, Dr. Thompson is competent in the practice of Osteopathic Manipulation (OMT). OMT is often used to address pain in patients of all ages through a direct hands-on approach to attend to musculoskeletal disorders.

OMT is sometimes referred to as osteopathic manipulation therapy and osteopathic manipulation medicine (OMM). It is used to care for what is called mechanical pain, which is pain found in the tendon, muscle, or bone due to structural imbalances, and for diagnostic and preventative purposes. OMT can also be prescribed alongside other more conventional treatments and has been known to help patients avoid surgery.

The field of osteopathy employs a holistic and whole-body approach to healthcare. The problem area is not the only focus of concern, but manual techniques are used to balance all systems in the body to improve the patient’s overall health and well-being. OMT techniques include stretching, gentle pressure, and resistance to improve circulation and correct the structure, motion, and function of impacted areas of the body.

Who could benefit from OMT?

One of the fastest-growing medical professions, osteopathy and OMT is based on advanced training to understand how the various systems of the body are interconnected. Many become aware of OMT techniques due to injury or lower back pain, however, osteopathy and OMT has been known to address:

  • Colic, asthma, and sinus issues
  • Posture problems due to pregnancy, work or driving strain, or injury
  • Foot, ankle, hip, and knee pain
  • Arthritic, back and sciatic pain,
  • Neck, shoulder, elbow, and migraine/headache pain
  • Nerve pain including neuralgia which is pain in the nerve pathway
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Menstrual pain and digestive issues
  • Problems with the sleep cycle
  • Circulatory and lymphatic symptoms

These are accomplished by:

  • Addressing structural problems in the joints, muscles, and tissues to relieve joint restriction and misalignment
  • Improving circulation by manipulating how the blood and other fluids flow throughout the body
  • Soothing tight muscles, relieving joint stiffness and improving range of motion to regain mobility

What should I expect?

The therapy technique the doctor utilizes depends on the goal and the condition that is being treated. Details of the best treatment for you will be discussed with Dr. Thompson during your consultation and may include:

  • Soft tissue – Stretching of and pressure to the muscles.
  • Muscle energy – Here the patient moves their muscles in a specific direction while the doctor counters that movement. Best explained as a push-pull or strain-counterstrain method.
  • Myofascial release – The doctor uses firm but gentle pressure to release tension in the fascia, which is the layer of connective tissue that surrounds the bones, muscles, and organs.
  • Osteopathic cranial manipulative medicine – Soft pressure is applied to the skull to stimulate healing throughout the body.

Is Osteopathy the same as Chiropractic practices?

Short answer, “No.” A chiropractor will focus on specific problems area as it relates to the position of the spine and joints. Chiropractors will “crack” the joints to correct any misalignment. An osteopathic doctor, treating the entire body as a system, applies pressure at various points in the body to bring about total well-being.

What is the OMT recovery process like?

Everyone responds to osteopathic manipulation differently. You may feel sore for a day or two after treatment. While some report feeling tired, others say they feel energized.

Dr. Thompson will discuss specific after-care tips for you to consider. Here are some general things to remember:

  • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and facilitate the flushing of toxins from your muscles and system.
  • Go for a short walk to help your body acquaint and adjust to the proper alignment and balance.
  • Take it easy and avoid rigorous activity for 24 hours. Spend time focused on your breathing and allow your body the time it needs to rest and heal.

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Before a treatment plan is developed, a consultation with Dr. Thompson will be needed. In that appointment, please discuss your symptoms, consider any lifestyle or dietary changes that would be beneficial, how to prepare for OMT sessions, the best practices for aftercare, and risks associated with any preexisting diagnoses you may have.

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