Trigger Point (TP) Injections

Found anywhere in the body, musculoskeletal trigger points are common to individuals diagnosed with connective tissue disease, autoimmune illnesses, and chronic pain such as rheumatoid arthritis, and fibromyalgia. Other possible trigger point concerns may include:Trigger Points are hyperirritable areas of taut muscle and fascia that cause intense pain and a reflex response when palpated. Because they often refer pain to distant areas, only a skilled practitioner can diagnose the real problem and locate the TP’s. Historically, TP therapies have included various types of deep massage, mechanical vibration, ischemic compression, stretching techniques, and TP injections. Treatment at Desert Oasis Clinic may include massage, pressure, heat, stretching, and/or injections to break up the contracted muscle and fascia.

  • Injury or trauma to a muscle
  • Repetitive motions
  • Poor posture
  • Psychological stress

American doctor and rheumatologist, Dr. Janet Travell first coined the term myofascial trigger point in 1942. Trigger points in the body include the muscles and connective tissue that supports our internal organs or other parts of the body. Trigger Point (TP) Therapy is offered when the patient complaints include:

  • Pain is related to a distinct, irritable point in skeletal muscle (fascia) due to overuse or injury.
  • The specific point of pain is experienced as a knot or taut band and can be accompanied by a twitch response when stimulated.
  • Pain that radiates out into nearby muscle and/or nerve when palpated (touched or manipulated).
  • Limited range of motion.
  • Muscle weakness and/or stiffness.

    What are Trigger Point Injections (TPI)?

    Dry needling (injections without anesthetics such as acupuncture), or injections that require local anesthetics and include saline or corticosteroids, have been reported to bring immediate relief. The injection is given directly into the trigger point with patients reporting benefits that can last days to months depending on the condition and type of injection.

    The Goal of TP Therapy

  • Improve blood circulation to the trigger point area
  • Stretch or release the taut band and surrounding fasciae for pain relief

What To Expect At Your Appointment At Desert Oasis Clinic

If Trigger Point Therapy is right for you, Dr. Thompson will discuss with you:

  • Possible side effects due to other prescribed medications, treatments, or diagnosed conditions
  • The type of treatment or injection that will be used
  • How your specific lifestyle impacts the trigger points
  • The risks associated with Trigger Point Injections
  • Before and aftercare regarding the injections (if applicable)

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